Why New Moms Need Travel Changing Pads

Are you planning to give a newborn? Or are you a new mom? In any case, a travel changing pad is going to be of great use to you.

For Gifting

If you are going to give a newborn baby, opt for these easy and fun travel changing pads – they are of great help to the parents. Most new parents have to rush back to work after a few days or weeks of their baby’s delivery. And most of these new parents would want to carry their baby along with them wherever they go instead of leaving the baby with a nanny.

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by along with them wherever they go instead of leaving the baby with a nanny.

And you can make them happy by gifting a set of travel changing pads and travel towel kits – these are great gift ideas for babies. Gifting toys and clothes is something that everyone thinks of. Besides they are not of much use. If you want to gift something unique and yet useful, a set of travel changing pads is one you should think of. It will not only be a gift for the baby, but also for the new mom.

By giving this to the baby, you will win the gratitude of the parents as it is they who will benefit a lot from it. You can either buy them or you can even make them at home.

For the New Mom

Being a new mother is a matter of unmatched happiness. But every pleasure has its price and so does this. Handling your new baby with care is your responsibility and the hassle and trouble after motherhood is the pleasurable pain. For new mothers, one product that can alley much of their pain is the travel changing pad. This is a must-have for new mothers, especially those who go to work.

You can carry your child with you and change his/her diapers easily with the help of this. Carry a set of these pads and a set of wet towels to wipe your baby with and your job is done. Choose pads that are soft on the side that will be in contact with your child’s skin. It’s best to choose hand-spun cotton. On the other side, you can use nice and stylish printed fabric, preferably cotton.

Choose a size that would be comfortable for your baby to move in but also keep in mind the fact that you have to wrap it in your baby’s diaper bag and carry it every day. These pads will save you a lot of time and energy and hassle. Feeding your baby at work or during travel is not so difficult as it is to clean him. Using these pads will make you free of care and worry.

Buying or Making

You can either buy these or make them at home. While buying, pay attention to the material used. Remember it is for a baby’s skin which is 7% softer than an adult’s. Rough clothes can cause rashes. If you are making these, you can even use scrap clothes if they are okay for the baby’s use. Pinup the two sides before you stitch. This will ensure proper stitching.

Check the stitches if you use a machine. Make double stitches for safety. Pull and see if the stitch holds well. Do this while buying as well. Use matching colored ribbons to tie up the pads. Buying or making, this is one of the unique baby shower gift ideas.

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