Which Is The Best Food Processor For You?

It’s very tough to name the best food processor, but it’s simple to narrow the list down to a small number of machines. Definitely, different people want different effects from their food processor but when you are looking to buy a good excellence processor, then you should be looking at the following things before you make your choice.

1. Since all food processors mainly do the same tasks, you will want to find an influential machine that can procedure food quickly and constantly.

2. Look for a good brand name. For example Cuisinart, KitchenAid or Braun are trusted manufacturers.

3. Extra attachments. Many food processors come with a stainless steel S-shaped chopping/mincing/pureeing blade, a plastic dough blade and slicer/grater discs. Any other attachments are good but not essential.

The Best Food Processors in 2020 (And Why They Are Worth Buying!)

4. Safety features. Make sure that the bowl locks onto the base and that the top locks onto the bowl and that the processor will not start unless the processor is locked together securely.

5. A heavy chassis will keep the processor from “walking” during heavy-duty processing tasks.

6. Easy controls. Many models offer a wide array of speeds, but since processing takes place very fast, you really only need On/Off/Pulse.

7. Make sure your food processor has a wide feed tube. You can push larger pieces of food through.

More Things to consider before purchasing a food processor


Normally these machines can be put in 3 different size categories.

Mini- 4 cups or smaller: Good for people who like to do small projects such as chopping garlic or herbs. Don’t purchase a mini processor if you like doing pastry or bread dough. You can also do only very small amounts of sauce or toppings with the mini processor.

Compact- 5 to 8 cups: Does the same tasks than full-size processors but on a smaller scale. Ideal for people who don’t have a big family and cook for only 1 or 2 people.

Full size- 9 cups or larger: Good option for anyone who cooks often and cooks for the whole family. You can make large amounts of sauce as well as a pastry or bread dough with a full-size processor. The full-size processor is also good for slicing, shredding and pureeing.

My opinion is that a full-size processor is the best option for most people. I think it will serve you best in the long run.


Power is one of the most important things in a good food processor. A well-powered processor will give you easy and consistent results. An inadequately powered food processor will lead to uneven results.

To sum it up, a weak food processor could make more work for you instead of less. So make sure you purchase a powerful enough machine.

The only inconvenience when you have a powerful machine is that it will be heavier than more weak machines. But it will also be able to give you better results. The extra weight also adds to the stability of the processor, eliminating shaking when you use it.


Customer reviews come handy when you are trying to find out if the food processor is reliable or not. Another way to gauge the reliability of a specific processor is through the reputation of the manufacturer. I have found out that these manufacturers have the most reliable food processors: Braun, KitchenAid, and Cuisinart. A good warranty is also always a good thing.

Do not forget to read product descriptions. Good customers read several product specifications before making a purchase. Also, look at the product’s warranty. At the same time, find out what previous buyers say about a certain food processor by reading reviews about it. The nutribullet blender food processor reviews provide you with more information about the product which will help in deciding which one to buy. Again, you should also consider your culinary preferences.